About the Church Bundle

For the first time ever, we are excited to bring you our Church Bundle! Designed with churches of all sizes in mind, as well as a wide variety of small group settings, this bundle takes over a decade of material from WP Films and not only gives you a wide variety of content, but also newly created resources to allow you flexibility and opportunities to take your group deeper into the “more” of God.

What’s Included:

  • All 5 Deluxe Editions
  • ALL NEW Discussion Guides for each film
    • Written by Darren Wilson, these discussion guides are the perfect starting point for small groups, youth groups, or academic classes. Each guide features questions for both the movie itself, as well as utilizing extras from each Deluxe Editions to go even deeper.
  • ALL NEW Idea Tree
    • Many churches or leaders don’t always know how best to use all the content we have created. With this helpful Idea Tree, we give you a wide variety of uses for everything included in the Church Bundle. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should help spark even more ideas for you!
  • Adventures With God: Season 1 & 2
    • Darren’s newest television series, as seen on TBN, God TV, and other media outlets. 40 half-hour episodes, with each focusing on a particular theological question brought about by the adventure being highlighted, these bite-sized chunks are as deep as they are entertaining. (Adventures With God Season 1 DVD, and Adventures With God Season 2 DVD)
  • Questions With God: Season 1 & 2 (Season 2 Coming Soon)
    • A kind of companion to Adventures With God, Questions includes the round table discussions briefly featured in Adventures, but goes much deeper into those discussions with pastors, evangelists, theologians, and celebrities. We will send you Season 2 as soon as it is finished in 2018. (Questions With God Season 1 DVD)
  • God & Creativity
    • A 7-part teaching series by Darren Wilson and his father, artist/professor, Gary Wilson. Perfect for the often-overlooked creatives in your church/organization. (God & Creativity DVD)
  • 75% off Subscription to WP TV.
    • You will receive an exclusive code to redeem for 75% off of your first year of WP TV, the first online channel from WP Films, which features everything we’ve ever done, more robust organization, and many exclusives only found for subscribers.
  • Rights to show any of our films/shows/footage to your congregation/small group
    • No more licensing fees for showing the films to your community. All rights for public showings are built into your Bundle purchase.
  • Special wholesale pricing for bulk orders
    • We want to make it easy and affordable for your group or church members to each have their own copies of the things you’ll be using. You will receive a direct line to a WP Films representative who will help you tailor your bulk orders for your needs.